Monday, May 19, 2014

Brake-O-Rama Shows You How To Leave Messages on Your Auto’s Rear Window!

The auto repair specialists in our Brake-O-Rama Orange NJ location have received many questions on how to leave messages on rear windows of their cars… it seems NJ drivers have alot to say and want to express themselves on the roads of NJ! On customer asked us “Do you know of a way to leave a message on your rear window if someone is tailgating you and you want them to get off your back?!” It sounds funny but this is the way drivers feel in today’s auto society!
We at Brake-O-Rama wanted to see how we could help our customers by investigating what technology is ouot there that makes it possible to leave messages on your rear window of your automobile. We found a great article that may help you if you need this technology!

Hacker develops rear window LED to send messages to other drivers!
By Mike Flacy | Digital Trends
Hacker Gagandeep Singh has developed a do-it-yourself project for designing a grid of LED lights on the rear window of a vehicle without obstructing the view from the rear-view mirror. Singh is interested in providing feedback to drivers that don’t pay attention to the rules of the road. Using his Volkswagon Polo as the guinea pig for the project, Singh created plans for a 40 x 16 LED matrix display with LED lights that allowed two centimeters of space in between each LED in order to still see out the rear window.
He then used a strip of wood to accurately measure out the distance between the LED lights and spent the next two days soldering the lights into the full matrix displayAfter attaching all the wiring at the bottom of the display and making sure the matrix lit up, Singh attached the matrix to the interior of the Polo and connected it up to a AT89C51 micro-controller. This controller allows Singh to design patterns as well as messages and watch them display in the rear window.
For instance, Singh could ask a tailgating driver to back off his bumper while traveling down the highway. While entering messages into the controller is likely too much of a distraction while driving the automobile, the next stage in the project will enable updating the matrix through a Bluetooth connection on a mobile smartphone.   While others can follow Singh’s instructions in his Google slideshow detailing the entire process, it’s unlikely that this matrix would be adapted for the mass market.
Abuses of the technology could easily lead to distracted drivers on the road as well as angry drivers if the matrix was used to display obscenities. In addition, any object that blocks the rear window at all would likely be frowned upon by lawmakers.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New york city and living the high life

There are lots of things for visitors to undertake in New york city, and one of the most popular is your brainchild of Zalman Silber, a virtual tour located at the Empire State Constructing. Called the Skyride due to the virtual tour involving metropolitan landmarks that’s recently been entertaining families for many years, this is precisely what made Zalman Silber the first fortune. Now an established serial entrepreneur, he had been a star the performer at famed New york Life Insurance (1993 President’s Local authority or council member, 1994 Agent within the Year) when ever inspiration struck: Vi

It absolutely was an immediate results, with the grand opening attended by simply city celebrities like then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Although the Skyride is zero ordinary amusement operate. Guests glide after dark Statue of Liberty and dodge cab cabs, buzz the Brooklyn Link and sail on the United Nations, all while ergonomically seated for a specially designed platform that can offer synchronized kinetic reviews. More than 25 other locations during the entire city are discovered in high-definition videos and surround tone, with voiceover narration provided by actor Kevin Moolah. The entire half-hour plan includes two starting presentations that investigate the history with the Empire State Building itself together with all the other activities to do in New You are able to.

As noted previous, the Skyride can be described as multimedia experience for the whole family, suitable for young children. After the demonstrate, guests can try to enjoy the Empire State Construction itself with exclusive access to the top floor’s breathtaking views that bypasses three-quarters of the lines of chap tourists. This requires the purchase to a special combination solution, however, and the Skyride will have to be visited before all of those other Empire State Building for you to a lot more than exclusive-access elevators.

It’s quite an experience, and yet often so obvious in addition to simple in concept that you wonder why you didn’t look into it yourself first! And that is an important part of its charm, the great old-fashioned nature of the usb ports, easy to fully grasp and appreciate while blending in some of today’s the majority of hi-tech elements. Its location in about the most iconic landmarks in the world makes perfect sense and is consistent with its theme to a bird’s-eye view introduction to The big apple. And so in truth Zalman Silber has gone on to repeat his success in other places, in Sydney, Australia - but there’s nothing like the unique!

sitors demand Empire State Building to find the city from great heights; have you thought to locate an us pleasure ride there that will simulates a helicopter fly-over?